5 Best Design Elements to Attract Customers to Your Website

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5 Best Design Elements to Attract Customers to Your Website

Have you ever purchased anything by getting attracted by the website?

If yes, then you are not alone in this. We usually get attracted to things that look attractive, have vibrant colors, and look simple but appealing to the eyes. Similarly, if you want to attract your customers, you need to make your website look attractive. According to the recent research by WebFx, nearly 94% of the people create the impression of their brand with the help of their website and approximately 75% credibility of the website comes from the design. All of this shows that how important is that your website should look attractive. If you are running a website then your home page is like a welcoming mat. You need to make your welcoming mat attractive to catch your audience’s attention. The more attractive is your website, the greater are the chances of success which means more visiting customers, more views, more clicks, and more sales.

In this article, we will help you to make your website look attractive by telling you five elements that are important to create an impactful website. If you want an attractive logo for your website then we recommend you to hire any best logo designing company and make your website look attractive.

5 Secrets to Create A Great Website Design 

Before we tell you the five elements that will help you to create a great website, we would like to share some of the points which visitors don’t like at all. The points are as follows;

  1. Poorly designed websites will lose your customers. The visitors won’t feel good and would immediately leave your website. This will increase your website’s bounce rate and will reduce your sale.
  2. If the visitor, by chance, re-visit your website, the chances of buying anything from your website decreases because of the impression created at the very first glance.
  3. Visitors hate to wait. Make sure your website has a fast loading speed. Otherwise, the visitor won’t wait and will immediately leave your site.

The results of a poorly designed website indicate how much important is to make your website look attractive that not only makes your website look eye-catching but also increases your sales. Here are the five secrets to make your website look impactful from every angle.

The Selection of Right Theme

Selecting the right theme for your brand’s website is very difficult. There exist a pool of themes, and selecting which theme is right for your website, is a hard decision. However, to make your website look attractive we would recommend you to use your brand theme. The theme you have used in your business should also be used on your site in order to synchronize your website with your brand. If your brand does not have any specific theme then you can create your own theme that matches the personality of your brand.

Other than this, there are many interesting WordPress themes that you can use and customize your website accordingly. Just enter the type of your brand such as clothing, food, traveling, etc., and get unlimited themes for your website. You can also use ‘Divi’ is a very popular theme that allows the users to customize it either by adding or removing sections.

Banners and Sliders

Banners and sliders are very important elements for every website. Sliders tell you what the website is all about, therefore, it should be necessarily present on every page of the website especially on the homepage. Whereas, banners get most of the clicks. Both of the elements give an attractive look to your website and transmits a catchy tune to the audience.

Color Scheme

Colors matter a lot just like the structure of the design. Colors play an important role and help in enhancing the designs of your website. The colorful images, banners, and backgrounds overall complement each other. The better you mix the colors, the better the results you will get from your audience. The perfect selection of colors and design will no doubt work in your favor and will transform your audience into potential customers. Therefore, you should never compromise on the color scheme and should select one that suits your brand and catches the eye of every customer.

Fast Loading Speed

Everyone enjoys a quick site. It makes life simpler. Likewise, it removes the agony of pausing. Individuals don’t care for pausing. They will not pause if your site is moderate. It loads in even not exactly a second. The page size is basically exceptional, and the exhibition is above assumptions. Along these lines, it is a quick site in its actual sense.

Google esteems sites that are quicker. It positions them higher as a demonstration of appreciation. At the point when they are positioned higher, they get more traffic. More traffic implies more deals and afterward at the end more income.

Make Your Website Responsive

Most people use mobile phones for everything. Our cellphones have turned into mini computers. According to recent statistics, 95% of the users visit websites through their cell phones. Therefore, it is very important to make your website responsive. Your website should be compatible with all smart devices irrespective of android and iPhone software. You can check your website on Google mobile-friendly tools to check whether your website is responsive or not.

These are the five essential elements that you should necessarily add to make your website look attractive and impactful. However, there is no strict rule. You can use other tips as well to attract your customers. Just like you can hire any best logo designing company and can make your website look impressive with a brand new logo.

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