5 Simple Web Design Improvements That Will Boost Your Conversions And Increase Sales

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5 Simple Web Design Improvements That Will Boost Your Conversions And Increase Sales

Creating a website that gives the desired response, is not a child’s play. Despite having a website, your conversions and sales are going down. That is so because when a visitor lands on your page, you have exactly 5 seconds to blow them off right off the bat. Since the attention of an average user is up to seven seconds or less. That is not a lot of time to amaze somebody. If you are unable to do so because your website is a slow Mo, or if it is all glitch in navigation. You sure can say toodle-oo to your potential clients. 

Getting a conversion-based website that increases sales is neither impossible nor rocket science. You can make fine improvements to your website that will not only amaze your viewer. Rather, it will be able to perk up his curiosity and convert him into your customer. With a custom web design and some help from a professional web developer, your website become a conversion magnet. 

To help you achieve that, we are here to guide you to 5 simple steps. They will guarantee optimization in sales and saturation of the conversion funnel of your business. 

All-Device Friendly

When it comes to a great UX, it all boils down to three things: Speed, Responsiveness, and Navigation. First things first, Speed Buffers are a NO-GO! This is one of the reasons why visitors tend to bounce off websites. An average website loads in 2 seconds. If yours, however, has a load time of more than 2 seconds during a transaction, your potential customers are likely to quit their carts. Thus, leaving you with one fewer customer than you started with. So, before you do anything else, work on speeding up your websites—there are even tools available to assist you!

Secondly, you need to focus on getting a neat navigating system for your website. For that, nothing is better than being simple and chic. The simpler the navigation of your website is, the better it would be for viewers to move around. They can easily scroll or swipe items they want to buy. Plus you need to add relevant descriptions to your products. For example, if you are a cosmetic store, your products – let’s say a lip tint. It should have a description of the ingredients, the color, and the sort. 

Finally, your website should be impeccably adaptable to various device surfaces. People have begun to use their mobile phones more for online browsing in recent years. Due to this, many websites have shifted to a mobile-friendly or responsive design. Plus, this is why Google began penalizing sites that are not mobile-friendly and pushing back pages on the search engine. So, if you have a website, you’ve most likely made a responsive version of it by now. If you haven’t, now is the right time to do so. Your website will benefit greatly from a responsive design.

Adequate Accessibility

From the user interface to the CTA management to the spacing, everything about your website is well-designed. Your website is responsive in general, but how about you? What this means is, how accessible is your customer service to them? This is an important issue to consider because it may make a huge difference to your website. Inaccessibility is a fault that cannot be rectified.

When you contact or email someone and they don’t react quickly or properly, it’s a frustrating experience in and of itself. As a result, everything must be in tip-top shape in terms of responsiveness, from self-help areas like FAQs to instant chat boxes to the display of email addresses and phone numbers.

Your representatives should establish a connection with the consumer and provide all pertinent information; the email address and phone number will aid those who choose to have a direct conversation. Remember, communication is crucial for a reason, and that is it!

Optimized Web Search

For your website to come upon the search engine, not only does it require great and visually–driven content. Relevant textual details and CTAs are still not enough. There is still something lacking. Yep! That’s right! Search bars! We reckon you ask your web designer to integrate a search bar into your website that connects directly with Google search. This way, your website can fully optimize searches. Even more so, it will provide one heck of an experience!

Clear CTAs

While there is no clear-cut rule for CTA placement. Most websites tend to place it near the middle section of their webpage or near their visually appealing content. Perhaps that is why color-coded CTAs are often proffered by web designers because they lead to immediate action. Is there a difference in how your users interact with your website if it’s a different color? Yes, it does! According to studies, orange CTA buttons increase conversion rates by 32.5%. While red CTA buttons increase conversion rates by a whopping 21%!

Furthermore, your CTAs need to be placed according to the content on your website and the length of your web page. You can either add one per page or several. It all depends on the webpage itself. Plus, your CTAs should NOT use generic phrases and terms. Let your creativity flow and try unique yet relevant phrases which prompt instant action. 

Visually-Driven Website

Everybody goes gaga for visuals, don’t they? Everyone enjoys seeing Photos, videos, GIFs, and drawings, regardless of how good they are. They are more likely to capture our attention on a web page than any piece of textual content. So much so, that according to one study, users spend 10% more time looking at pictures of people on ‘About Us’ pages. Even more, than they do reading content associated with those photos. This implies that your website should be an attention-grabber for your audience to convert into customers.

Furthermore, you can use colors to your advantage. Color language – Pantone is pretty effective in conveying your message. You can use this technique on your CTAs too. Keep in mind, however, that the color scheme should be relevant to your overall web and logo design. 

When talking about visuals, you CANNOT FORGET the white spacing. You might be wondering what makes white space so special. It’s worth noting that using white space in the left and right margins, as well as between paragraphs, has been demonstrated to boost reader comprehension by over 20%. However, while you are working on white spacing, it should be well-proportioned. 


Once you get your hands on an improvised web design that converts and generates sales. It won’t be much difficult for you to start climbing the corporate ladder. For that, it is high time you look for a great and renowned graphic design agency. Such so that, it will provide you an exceptional custom web design. With that, you will be able to get your desired outcomes in terms of increasing your sales revenue and boosting your conversion funnel. 

On the flip side, however, if you fail to notice that your website needs revamping, it might get difficult for you in the long run. Since only a well-managed website gives the impression of responsibility and professionalism. For you to build trust and get a loyal customer base. It is crucial you keep up with daily updates of your website. 

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