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5 Tips to Design Website that Attract More Visitors

Creating a website for your brand is not that hard, a few tips and click and there you have. Yet, when it comes to garnering robust online traffic – your website is in total loss. Ever, though where you might have gone wrong? There are tons of things that make your website go from YAY to NAY! That is why we reckon while you are on the lookout for an awesome website design company. At the same time, you also need to learn a few tricks on how to woo your viewers.

People are searching online right now for the items or services your company provides, regardless of what industry you represent. Despite this, most local businesses’ websites are dormant. According to research, more than half of local company websites receive fewer than 500 visitors per month, while over 90% of virtual content receives no traffic from Google at all. This shows that even if you have the most gorgeous website ever made. It will not serve your business if no one visits it. That is where combining beautiful web design with smart digital marketing efforts may come in handy.

So before you launch your brand, we believe you should go through these neat and effective tips that are going to get you robust traffic.

A Visual Treat 

If you really want to optimize the traffic of online visitors to your website? You must make the website appealing and entertaining. You need to know that it is not something that can be accomplished solely through the use of text. Images and videos must be included on your webpage. Make sure all of the images, gifs, clips, and videos used should be of High Definition quality.

Try to include the most vibrant ones you can. It’s undeniable that low-resolution photos and videos were once popular since they helped the page load faster. However, you cannot say the same for the present times. As it has become a feature that may give the impression your page might have glitches – even when it doesn’t. That is totally disappointing, right? Hence the need as of now is that you provide high-resolution well-defined images, clips, videos, gifs, and others of the sort. All these lil’ trinkets will significantly improve the appearance of your website.

Furthermore, you need to check out the color schemes that go well with your overall brand theme. The themes you are using should align with your brand message. Often websites tend to move onto colors that would contrast their brand persona. For example, you have a furniture store, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your website should have hues of brown. But a wooden backdrop might give a nice elegant touch to your website. Once your webbie has these key features on its platter, it can easily capture any eye, any heart. All that in an instant too.

Don’t be a Slow Mo!

Sluggish websites and unresponsive UX experiences – ain’t nobody got time for that. The world is moving at an unbeatably fast pace with the active circulation of the internet throughout the world. Think of it like this, you ordered food, and the rider got late. The food gets cold, you didn’t get the value for your money. What will you do? Of course, you won’t order from that place again – unless you are okay with reheating.

Yet this, you must ensure that your website’s loading speed and the opening of portals, among other things, are under 3 seconds. In addition, you should check your website for mobile device optimization. It should also include a self-help area with FAQs and fully functional instant chat boxes. You must also make your contact information public. The better user experiences your website provides, the more responsive it is. That will be beneficial to your company’s reputation.

Well-Integrated Design

Due to excessively increasing shorter attention spans and smaller screens, your material must be very entertaining to attract the attention of a potential buyer. A first-time visitor to your website, on the other hand, will form an opinion of it in 50 milliseconds. Web consumers decide whether to stay on or leave your website within this brief time frame. Another study discovered that design is responsible for 94% of first impressions.

These days, minimalistic web design is ruling the roost. And if you want to increase visitors to your website, it’s critical that you don’t go overboard with your design. Instead, opt for something straightforward. Even while selecting fonts, keep in mind that minimalism is important.

This type of design is beneficial since it makes it simple for website users to move across the site. As a result, people do not instantly exit the website, but instead, view several pages. This has a significant impact on the website’s bounce rate and its ability to rank higher. It ensures that more people visit your website, improving the likelihood of conversion.


Is it Functional? 

Do you rely on clicks to drive traffic to your website? If you want your visitors to navigate your website by clicking through it, you’re making a huge error. Keep in mind that the number of mobile internet users is rapidly expanding. In fact, it has already surpassed the number of people who use desktop computers to access the internet.

When using a mobile device to browse the internet, keep in mind that clicking is difficult. As a result, while building your website, remember to add the scrolling option to make it more user-friendly. It will have a significant impact on rising traffic.

In addition to this, your website should have a highly functional, well-managed advance search bar. As a plus, you can also ask your web designer to integrate the Google search engine into your website’s search bar.

Monitoring Performance

This Is Perhaps The most critical part of this process. You have got all the right materials: a solid marketing strategy, demographic research, and excellent products or services. Still, something is missing that’s preventing viewers from becoming customers. You must keep track of your website’s data information, such as the number of leads created and the conversion funnel’s concentration levels.

You may do this by having your site developer include SEO Plugin tools, which will allow you to maintain, update, and improve your data. To keep your conversion rate up, use MonsterInsights, Google Search Console, Yoast, SERPSim, SEOQuarter, Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, and other similar tools. You’ll discover how to fill in the holes on your website and strengthen your strengths while doing so.


Long story short, it is an important component of expanding your business, which will pay off sooner than later. Your website, no matter how stunning it most probably won’t work until people find it on the internet. When folks visit your website, you have the opportunity to learn more about them. With that, you can potentially convert them into a supporting sponsor, investor, or client. This is a win-win situation here, bud.

So, before you contact a professional website design company, we reckon you read this article. Take a deep breath and learn about the basics. Not only will this help you in explaining things to your web designer. Rather, it would make it easier for them to understand what you want and how? Just remember, that your website is your portal to millions and trillions of peeps out there. To make it a direct hit, these peeps should adore it. Once you get the hang of things, you will be all set to go!


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