What are the most in-demand skills on Upwork in 2021-22?

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What are the most in-demand skills on Upwork in 2021-22?

Do you think you have skills you can use to earn money?  There are thousands of opportunities for freelancers on the internet. However, Upwork is the one site that dominates this industry due to its credibility.

If you want to earn through this website, you can work in any field you want. You can easily get into Social Media Marketing or provide Affordable SEO Services if you are thinking to earn. All you need is to describe your skills creatively on the Upwork and start earning. If you want to learn the skills that are in demand this year, read our list below!

Skills That Are In Demand On Upwork; 2021-2022 Edition

  1. Machine Learning:

As a machine learning professional, you will make programs that learn from data to improve their accuracy with time. Consequently, this helps companies in managing their tasks and maximize efficiency in a budget-friendly way.

Machine learning requires you to know programming languages, applied math, and statistics. Hence, if you have these skills, you can earn up to $125 per hour.

  1. Automation:

In this, you’re supposed to automate technology so that it requires less manpower and money to work. Hence, you’ll need to know computer science, coding languages, and configuration management software. Moreover, you’ll need to know how to write automated tests and build test frameworks.

Anyone who has a knack for all this can easily make up to $110 per hour.

  1. Data Analytics:

If you’re good with details and love working with numbers and data, you should consider this field. A data analyst manages the company’s data and provides the solution to problems using this data.

Hence, you need great problem-solving skills and critical thinking to work in this domain. Moreover, data analyst professionals need to be able to work with statistical programming, structured query language, and build data reports.

These data skills can help you make up to $100 per hour!

  1. Mobile application skills:

You can find B2B and B2C mobile applications everywhere because of their high demand. As a mobile application developer, you make mobile applications and test them if they work fine on different devices.

For this, you need to have proficiency in computer science, programming, and analytics. If you have problem-solving skills it’s even better because this will help you earn up to $100 per hour.

  1. Virtual Reality Skills

As a VR developer, you have to design digital worlds that people can view from their special VR devices. These applications are mostly used for video games, education, sports or military training, etc.

For this, you’ll need to have experience in programming and software development. Furthermore, you should be well-versed with detailed XR, machine learning, computer vision, animations, and graphics.

Skills in virtual reality can get you up to a $100 per hour project.

  1. Video Production

We live in a digital world that is full of videos; from content on the internet to ads and tutorials. If you want a career that values creativity and attention to detail, you’ll do great in video production.

As a video producer, you’ll be responsible for planning and executing everything in the video project. Apart from editing and animation, this includes gaining rights to intellectual property and managing logistics.

On average you can make up to $85 per hour through video production.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization has become essential in marketing and blogging nowadays. With so much content out there, companies try to appear on top of the results; this is why SEO matters.

An SEO specialist identifies tactics to help the company increase its viewers and improve page rank on search results. You need sharp analytical skills, knowledge of Google tools, HTML, and keyword research to become an SEO specialist.

Typically, you can make up to $75 per hour in an SEO field.

  1. Product Management

As a product manager, you look into customer needs and plan the products’ lifecycles accordingly. This also includes leading the team to fulfill the business objectives through the product or feature.

To do all this, you need a business degree or a degree in something related. As for the skills, you’ll need technical knowledge of the product, budget managing, problem-solving, as well as people skills.

If you have all of these, you can easily make up to $150 per hour.

  1. Graphic Designing

Every brand or company needs graphic designers for their logos, ads, posts, and so much more. With all these needs, employers are rushing to hire decent graphic designers for their companies.

Hence, in this field, you’ll be living to ideas using digital tools and applications. You can either become a graphic designer through courses on Adobe tools or get an undergrad degree.

Depending on your experience, you can make from $35 to $200 per hour in graphic designing.

  1. Ecommerce Consulting

These days, more and more businesses are working on their online presence to increase customers. Moreover, these eCommerce companies prefer drop-shipping instead of storing physical inventory. Hence, these business owners need help to establish their online business and arrange drop-shipping.

As an eCommerce consultant, you need relevant experience with eCommerce platforms and a bachelor’s degree. The majority of people in this field make from $40 to $120 per hour on Upwork.

  1. Freelance Writing

Writing is something so basic that it’s needed in almost every industry. Hence, if you love writing and are great with words, you should put your skills to use!

Businesses require writers to produce website copy, blogs, Ebooks, case studies, press releases, and so much more. To start earning as a writer, you’ll need relevant experience and samples in your portfolio.

If you’re willing to offer your services you can make about a half to 1 USD per word!

  1. Cloud Computing

This is one of the most in-demand skills this year because companies want to store all that data in one place. To become a cloud computing specialist, you should know Amazon Web Services, Azure, along with networking and security.

As a cloud computing expert, you’ll be working with a network of remote servers to manage and store the company’s data. If you can handle this and have relevant experience, you can make up to $72 per hour.

  1. Sales

Companies prefer to hire freelancers because it saves cost on hiring, training, and paying salary along with commission. Although, this field requires a solid set of people skills and charm.

Thus, if you’re a great listener, can market your pitch, and handle rejections, this is the career for you.  People with the right personality, skills, and experience can easily earn a high-paying salary depending on their performance.

Although it’s hard to measure you can make around $68,976 per year as an independent sales rep.

  1. Bookkeeping

All businesses require clear and accurate records of their numbers but this isn’t something business owners want to do themselves. Although, someone does have to manage the payroll, track receivables, and produce cash flow statements.

This is where bookkeepers come in – they do the math for the company! This field does not require any certification, you just need to be good at numbers.

However, getting a certification can help you gain an edge over others and make a better income. On average, bookkeepers can make $18 per hour and more than $3000 a month.

  1. Virtual Assistant

If you’re good at staying organized and productive and managing your time, you can earn by becoming a virtual assistant. In this field, digital skills, communication, and attention to detail are a bonus.

Many companies look for individuals with these skills because it’s more costly to hire an employee and train them. As a virtual assistant, you’ll be scheduling appointments, entering data, doing research, and managing mails for your boss.

If you can manage this and have relevant experience, you can make up to $35 per hour.

  1. Social Media Marketing

If you’re good at monitoring, filtering, and handling the social media presence of a brand, we have good news for you. In the world of endless brands and advertisements, companies always need some to handle this department. Social media specialists manage brand promotions, company information, and design ad campaigns.

Hence, if you have expertise in qualitative and quantitative data, and strong writing and communication skills, you’re good to go. As a social media marketer, you can make around $20 -$40 per hour.


Freelancing is your opportunity to build a client base and successfully sell your skills. Many people talk about the downside of freelancing as compared to working in an office.

However, the benefits of freelancing far outweigh the disadvantages. The biggest one of them all is that it gives you a wide variety of job opportunities in all kinds of fields. Thus, whether you want to provide Logo Design Services or work in IT fields, there are tons of options available!

So, are you ready to get into full-time freelancing and make money from the comfort of your home? Sign up on Upwork and advertise all the skills you have to attract businesses looking for independent professionals.

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