What’s next in Web Design Trends for United States?

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What’s next in Web Design Trends for United States?

Both 2020 and 2021 weren’t an easy ride – they were roller coasters – maddening one at that. With uncertain sprays of COVID19, quarantine anxieties, awkward zoom meetings to hand sanitizers galore. Things were pretty fast-paced. However, this didn’t end in a fiasco.

For every web and logo design agency, this time was and still is a pretty lucrative one. With COVID19 on the loose, there has been a rise in eCommerce websites and online business. With that, the curves of online marketing have never been steadier enough than it is in 2021. From retro comebacks to innovation in animation. From horizontal scrolling to augmented reality. In 2021, designers have brought us a unique and creative take on web design. So much so, you can’t help but feel astonished at their levels of creativity.

We have compiled some of these masterpieces to appease your eyes and of course your brands as well. So grab on tight, ‘cause we are about to ride with style!


We’ve noticed a growing trend in which designers use web experiences to create tales. This is where scrollytelling comes in – visual storytelling that enhances the story and draws you in. The best scrollytelling applications maintain movement inside a small space. Allow users to interact on their own terms: To play, pause, or stop interactions, provide obvious playback controls.

These apps ensure that any scrollytelling components add to the story. From small, delicate animations and stunning visuals complementing the story to clip arts integrated into web design. Everything in this design makes sure your website dream comes true.

Augmented Reality

Let’s not forget about all of the fantastic immersive experiences employing augmented reality when it comes to multimedia encounters. Augmented Reality now encompasses more than just searching for Pokémon on your iPhone or Android device. New technologies such as the Wayfair Tech and WebXR API software have made this world accessible to practically everyone.

This is one slick option for online boutiques and cosmetic stores. You can slide your way for various shades and colors of dresses and cosmetics. Even for online book websites. You can check out the overall outlook of books and maybe even get a slight preview of the chosen title.


Neumorphism – a modern fusion of two most commonly used web designs. The first being Skeuomorphism, a design technique that integrates renderings of old, outmoded materials into current designs, and it was popular in the early 2010s on app icons everywhere. The second one – Flat design, which reduced symbols and colors in a style that was less realistic but more uniform and easily recognizable.

It allows designers to recover the tactile feel that was lost during the flat design era, which in turn strengthens the user’s bond with the design. With Neumorphism, web developers strive to create designs that use selective drop shadows to resemble physicality while being layered with semi-flat colors. The effect is most usually compared to digital embossing.

Abstract Art Compositions

Primitive geometric shapes like Simple squares, triangles, circles can get pretty boring. However, web designers in 2021 have experimented with these to make web designs that are instant hits. They have combined these simple shapes into more intricately developed compositions by adding an explosion of vibrant colors and motion. With this, they have made something dull and bland into a full-fletched animated web design.

Since they go beyond the typical angles and lines, these web designs integrate modernity. You can ask your web designer to wither tone them down to create a more minimalist feeling or go full-on lively mode giving your website a Pollock-esque outlook. That is entirely up to your preferences.

Captivating Questionnaires

The most crucial thing when a viewer lands on your website is keeping him hooked to it. People have an attention span even less than the size of your tiniest teaspoon. It takes less than 15 seconds for a viewer to view your website and decide whether he’s going to stay or move on. What better way to glue your user to their screens than hooking them with question marks?

Rather than relying on the user to read product descriptions and make their judgments, an increasing number of firms are turning to quizzes to provide a more participatory experience. These quizzes provide personal multiple-choice questions about the visitors’ likes and dislike so that items might be tailored to them with more finesse and perfection. With that why won’t they stick to your website more?

Three-Dimensional Colors

Color Gradients have been popular in web design for a while. We feel that this year’s trend feels like the next step forward, with color transitions that are more lifelike than ever. In this design, web developers tend to place two colors side by side. This is done so that by either smearing or preserving the shadows, these colors can increase or decrease the depth of painted objects as per design requirements. Overall, this tendency shows that web design colors in 2021 will strive for greater realism.

This style is achieved through fine shading, which gives the flat icons of the past a rounded impression. Although it is expected that this design will be more convenient for mobile apps, we believe this all-rounder can go beyond that. Plus, web designers are increasingly evolving gradients by aligning them with backdrop blended colors that appear more flawed and natural.

Parallax Animation

Consider you are driving on a highway, as you look out the window, you see electrical poles near the road seem to zoom past your car. All the while trees in the distance appear to slowly drift by. Separating foreground and background tends to create a parallax effect.

This effect is most uniquely employed by web designers in web designs. Applying this technique in animation makes it even more complex. It creates depth and gives a cinematic look to your website. Such so that whoever beholds it in his eye, finds it magically alluring.

The web designs in 2021 are different not only because designers from every top web and logo designing company take up old trends and transform them into a rather finer version. This is so because while taking up these ideas they challenge the limits of their imagination. They do so, by incorporating in their designs an ‘air of reality as Henry James puts it – that is art at its finest.

With this, we see how websites – the digital with the ordinary, are fused into our daily lives unlike ever before. This shows how our life experiences can be translated on digital platforms, which is encouraging and profitable for buyers and sellers alike. Now you can take up your time and decide which one of these will work best for your brand website.


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